Welcome to Amroli SFI College

Prof. V. B. Shah Institute of Management, R.V. Patel College of Commerce (English Medium), V. L. Shah College of Commerce ( Gujarati Medium) and Sutex Bank College of Computer Applications & Science are self-financed colleges affiliated to the Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, Surat.

Our Vision

To empower the students by instilling them the principles of overall development and to make them competent in all the walks of life.

To assist the students unleash their potential in academic, sports, cultural, social and managerial spheres by creating opportunities and generating awareness in the same .

Our Mission

Our mission statement reflects our institution's distinctive goals and objectives as following :

  • Enabling the students realize their potentiality for their progress.
  • Making them competent in the managerial domains.
  • Enriching their aptitude in the commercial spheres.
  • Nurturing values, morals and ethics among the students.
  • Ingraining the principles of good citizenship for national development.
  • Our Colleges

    Prof. V. B. Shah Institute of Management

    It was started in the year 1998 with a view to churn out management professionals.

    R. V. Patel College of Commerce

    It was started in the year 2001 ;offers Bachelor Degree under Commerce Stream in English Medium.

    V. L. Shah College of Commerce

    It was started in the year 2006 ;offers Bachelor Degree under Commerce Stream in Gujarati Medium.

    Sutex Bank College of Computer App. & Science

    It was started in the year 2000 ;offers Bachelor Degree under Computer Applications & science.

    From The Desk of

    Shree. Bharatbhai V. Shah

    Chairman, Jivan Jyot Trust

    Shree Kantikaka, the founder of Jivan Jyot Trust has aimed to provide the best higher education to the students of nearby villages and for the purpose he had done consistent efforts. As a result 5000 students are studying in the colleges of our trust.

    Prof. V. B. Shah Institute of Management, R.V. Patel College of Commerce, V. L. Shah College of Commerce and Sutex Bank College of Computer Applications & Science provide perfect platform for those who are determined to scale new heights in their lives. Our institution was started with the vision of “The World In Your Classroom” and since then it has been a spectator of remarkable success and attained enormous recognition in the field of education.

    Our institute has proved to be providing wide and varied arena for the staff members and students to exhibit their academic and extracurricular talents in the field of commerce, arts and management. In our consideration every student is commendable and has aptitude and potentiality. They are always encouraged to build their character through extracurricular activities and also given ample opportunities to hone their talent in different colleges at not merely state but national level.

    The aim of our institution is the all round development of our students by providing them the best of incentives and infrastructure. They are expected to expand their horizons academically too by pursuing the prescribed syllabi. Our staff is adequately equipped to guide students in the right direction in all fields of study and co-curricular activities.

    I am delighted to greet you all to our institution, one of the leading institutions in the field of dispensing admirable services to the holistic development of the students. It is a pioneer to provide most advanced technological atmosphere to the students in a harmonious atmosphere.

    I wish you all the very best for your bright career.

    Shree. Ashwinbhai R. Patel

    Hon. Secretary, Jivan Jyot Trust

    The journey for social development in Amroli started by Shree Kantikaka who is very much inspired by “ASHVIN” who is the hero of a gujrati novel “GRAM-LAXMI”. And from the beginning he expected me as an active hero like “ASHVIN”. It is indeed fortunate that I have been entrusted the responsibility of being an integral part of nurturing the future generation as Secretary after his demise.

    I congratulate you to be a part of this great “SHRAMYAGNA”. I heartily welcome you all to our institutions, which are the best institutions to help your ward for his/her overall development.

    Our institution has been espousing the cause of needy sections of the society through our educational institutions as well as our multispecialty hospital. It is our wish that our long nurtured traditions must go hand in hand with ground realities to serve the best our society.

    Our aim is to provide excellent Infrastructure, achieve the highest standards of academic excellence and value based education.

    I on behalf of the management express my deep sense of gratitude and cooperation from the public in general and parents and the staff in particular for being very cooperative and supportive in our endeavor and hope to have the same gesture in future also.

    Shree. Anuj U. Shah

    Hon. Secretary, Jivan Jyot Trust

    I am both grateful and privileged to welcome you all to one of the leading educational institutions in Amroli.

    Our institution has always been prominently known for acquiring the creative ideas and smarter development activities related to education and extracurricular and social activities in the society.

    The word “innovation” has been properly absorbed at each and every level by all the members related to our institutions, which would be proved as “A Torch in the Darkness” for all the students to create a unique identity in the world of globalization.

    I am confident for your glorious future career with our institution. All the very best.

    Dr. Mukesh R. Goyani


    Prof. V. B. Shah Institute of Management, R. V. Patel College of Commerce (Eng. Med.), V. L. Shah College of Commerce (Guj. Med.) & Sutex Bank College of Computer Applications & Science, Amroli is like a young growing tree. Its spreading branches are students, its strong bark is the faculty - ever nurturing, sustaining and supporting the branches. An intelligent mind makes an indelible impact. Our aim is towards the grooming up of the total personality of the students.

    Students are provided with a unique opportunity to take active part in organizing and managing the events right from the grass root level. Our colleges believe in value education and strive to impart as much knowledge as possible by the way of education to enhance and sharpen the skills of students.

    The main drive is towards generating a sustainable environment and foster growth. We focus on impregnating among the students a strong value system and train them into being the ‘creators’ of tomorrow. We are strongly determined to develop mature students with a sound knowledge base as well as analytical skills. Conscious efforts are made to increase the industrial acumen through a variety of workshops and seminars so that they can inculcate ‘that competitive edge'.

    A pleasant ambience enriched with academic atmosphere and excellent facilities, make the students able to accept the career oriented challenges ahead of them. I wish to sum up the strategic vision of our colleges by means of the views of Charles Reade.

    “Sow an act, and you reap a habit; Sow a habit, and you reap a character; Sow a character, and you reap the destiny.”

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